Done With You Services

Done For You Services

Hey there!

The most frequently asked question I get about my services is:

What option should I pick?

The answer depends on your preference: do you want to work with me in a group setting and save some money? Or do you want a private experience? Or where I'm doing the work for you?

I've created a wide variety of offers with price being top of mind. 

It's my mission to have budget friendly options for small business owners who are doing their own bookkeeping like I was when I started my first business 18 years ago.

For example, did you know that the other bookkeepers charge $10,000+ for the work I do in the Bookkeeper For A Day

Trust me, I'm not throwing shade on those bookkeepers at all, because cleaning up a set of books is really hard work, but I'm happy to be an alternative option that I needed all those years ago.

So if you are just starting out and all of the options below feel overwhelming, consider it an investment into your business that will save you time, eliminate frustration, and help you avoid a large clean up bill in the future. 

Or you can listen to my client who recently said to me: 

"Thank you for your ALL your help! The little things I learned from you in one sitting was huge."