Hi, I'm Courtney.

I teach small business owners how to set up and DIY their Quickbooks Online file (until they can hire a bookkeeper) with my less stress bookkeeping method.

What's Your Bookkeeping Preference?

DIY Bookkeeping

For one reason or another, I'm not at a point where I can hire a bookkeeper and I need help! I have been using a spreadsheet and I'm ready to start using Quickbooks online, or I have a Quickbooks file and I don't know how to start! 

Quarterly Check-Ins

I am an advanced beginner and I'm still not a point to hire a bookkeeper. I have been maintaining my own Quickbooks Online file but I really could use help once a quarter to make sure everything looks right.


Outsourced Bookkeeping

Nope! Not even touching this bookkeeping stuff. I do not even want to deal with. I want you to do it all!

Before you take one more scroll!

It's important that you know, you have now entered

a shame free zone.

If you are on this page right now, you need help with bookkeeping. And you know what?


Most of us didn't go to business school and weren't taught the financial aspect of our business.

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So don't despair! I got you! I will help you get your books set up, in shape, and in an efficient maintenance program until you can hire that bookkeeper!


Top 3 Benefits of DIY'ing your Books

Benefit One

Learn the basics of the reports your CPA asks for every year, so you don't feel stupid talking to him or her next tax season. I felt like a dingus talking to my CPA for years, but not anymore! Help me help you!

Benefit Two

Save Money! Did you know that if you hired bookkeeper for super basic monthly "clean up" it could cost you a minimum of $5,000/year? When you are just starting out, that may not be necessary! Do it yourself and put that money back in your business.

Benefit Three

You get to set up your accounting systems the way you need it, so when you outsource to a bookkeeper, you'll know the safe guards to protect your company and your future bookkeeper from fraudulent activity. You'll also know exactly what they are doing because you've been there, done that, so no one can pull the wool over your eyes!

I want a step by step process to set up my Quickbooks Online File!


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