Top 3 Benefits of DIY'ing your Bookkeeping

Benefit One

Learn the basics of the reports your CPA asks for every year, so you don't feel stupid talking to him or her next tax season. I felt like a dingus talking to my CPA for years, but not anymore! Help me help you!

Benefit Two

Save Money! Did you know that if you hired bookkeeper for super basic monthly "clean up" it could cost you a minimum of $5,000/year? When you are just starting out, that may not be necessary! Do it yourself and put that money back in your business.

Benefit Three

You get to set up your accounting systems the way you need it, so when you outsource to a bookkeeper, you'll know the safe guards to protect your company and your future bookkeeper from fraudulent activity. You'll also know exactly what they are doing because you've been there, done that, so no one can pull the wool over your eyes!

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