Stay ahead,

Stay Organized

As a business owner you have a lot on your plate.

It's natural that mistakes happen...

but don't let missing a tax deadline be one of them. 


I'm Courtney Boudet

I help BUSY entrepreneurs DITCH THE DIY "style" of bookkeeping and all that comes with it:

  • The long hours spent googling answers
  • The not being able to find an answer specific to your business needs
  • The wanting your bookkeeping to be done already
  • The stress and frustration of feeling like you should already know how to do this

by providing a unique blend of DONE WITH YOU and DONE FOR YOU bookkeeping solutions to create a customized and tailored method you can do yourself or delegate to my team so you can WIN YOUR BOOKS!

Making things so simple and efficient that even a "Non Numbers Person" can do it is the name of the game. 


"I am happy to report my QBO process is still standing strong from when we did it!  The process we created is flawless!  Thank you!"

- Jen

"I have worked with Courtney for 4 years and she has been amazing!"

- Rebecca

"Her patience, expertise and positive attitude make her second to none."

- Janet

5 Ways to Save Time in Quickbooks Online 

TIP #1

Make sure QBO is set up properly for YOUR unique business.

I'm not talking about checking the quick start "set up" boxes you had to select when you first subscribed to Quickbooks Online.  I mean making sure everything is set up for the way you do business from the Chart of Accounts (the backbone of the Quickbooks set of books) to the payment processor that you use. 

TIP #2

Separate your business and personal expenses. 

"Comingling" is when you use one account for both business and personal expense. The #1 to lose track of tax deductible expenses is by comingling. I can't tell you how many clean up's I've done where the business owner keeps "remembering" another business expense.

All income and business expenses should go into your business checking, savings, or credit card accounts. Period. This will save you SO much time. 

TIP #3

Use a receipt reader

Yes receipts are still really important and if you use a receipt reader properly, it's a game changer. Snap or email in the receipt and it connects to your bank feed. I used to have to pay an admin assistant to do this work!

Quickbooks Online has a built in receipt reader but if you need a more robust solution. Dext Prepare is another great option. 

TIP #4

Be Constistant

If you committed to tracking your business income and expenses on your own (aka DIY Bookkeeping), then you really need to commit to being consistent. 

Logging in weekly to get your bookkeeping done will be WAY more efficient than doing it all under duress at tax time. 

AND you'll make less mistakes.

TIP #5

Invest in Help

Look I know that many entrepreneurs do their own bookkeeping to save money, BUT at what cost? If you are doing your bookkeeping wrong the results could be that you OVER or UNDER pay your taxes. 

Either scenario is not good. If you OVER pay, you've given Uncle Sam more of your hard earned money than he deserves. If you underpay and you find it years later, you'll have to file an amendment which means back taxes, penalties, and interest will be due. 

Not only that, someone like me will always find ways that you can do your bookkeeping tasks more efficiently. So it's worth the investment in time savings alone!


& Work With Me

My mission is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs  like you in a way that I can personally become acquainted with their business and your bookkeeping needs. I have no desire to do the "I'm going to tell you what to do without seeing your exact situation" type of deal. 

My approach is to create the perfect bookkeeping method based on YOUR business practices that can be maintained efficiently no matter who is doing the bookkeeping in your business.

I do this through a unique blend of Done For You support at the beginning to ensure proper QBO Set up and Procedures are in place and transition to Done With You trainings that include weekly small group office hours once your bookkeeping method is ready for maintenance mode. 

This will not be an on demand course with "hot seats" that not everyone can get or providing lots of meetings that my team is running.

When you invest, you get me as a dedicated partner in your business finances.