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Hi! I'm Courtney.

I am a Quickbooks Nerd. Ahem... I mean Advanced Certified Quickbooks Proadvisor with an Elite level firm and Profit First Professional bookkeeper. 

I help small business owners struggling with DIY'ing their bookkeeping by offering support and training that will give them a system to utilize the efficiencies in Quickbooks Online that works best for their specific business and gives them time back in their day.

Check out my steps to DIY bookkeeping success below to see how I can best support your business!

Step 1: Get Your Quickbooks Online Subscription

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Quickbooks Quiz

Find the best Quickbooks Online Subscription for You.

The most important thing when selecting a Quickbooks Subscription in knowing the features you need. Click the button take my quiz to not only decide which version is best for your business, but to also get the very best deal Jamie's affiliate link or with my ProAdvisor Discount!


Step 2: Prepare Your Quickbooks Online File

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Set Up/Clean Up

Quickbooks Up For Me.

Are you a CEO on the go who still wants to do their own bookkeeping but doesn't have time to go through and prepare the Quickbooks file properly themselves? My VIP done for you services is perfect for you!

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Bootcamp Your Books!

This 3 day virtual bootcamp is for the small business owner who wants to ensure their books are accurate and understand how everything ties together. 

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Self Paced Bootcamp Your Books

This stand alone training is a self-paced version of Bootcamp Your Books without the live support. 


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Step 3: Do Your Monthly Bookkeeping

(This is a critical step in your bookkeeping success.)

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I DIY but need occasional help.

Our 1:1 Bookkeeping Check-ins are perfect for you to go over any questions you need. The sessions are up to 60 minutes and recorded so you can look back for up to a year from purchase in your own personal training portal.  Jamie's community gets an exclusive $20 discount!

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I'm DIY'ing but I don't know what I'm doing!

Our monthly membership was built for you! It includes weekly office hours to answer your questions, the step-by-step method I use to leverage QBO to it's fullest efficiency, and the ability to network with other DIY business owners.

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