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  • Working long hours while doing your own bookkeeping?

  • Constantly having to ask yourself am I doing this right?

  • Is getting anxiety the closer we get to tax time?

  • Is not sure how to transition from QB desktop to Online?

Wherever you are in your Quickbooks Online journey, this program is perfectly timed to get you on track, transitioned from desktop, set up and/or cleaned up  from today forward!


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Courtney Boudet

  • Quickbooks Online Advanced ProAdvisor 
  • Profit First Professional Bookkeeper
  • DIY Bookkeeping Coach

March Bootcamp Dates

  • Early Bird Bonus Prep Q&A - March 18th (9:00am - 10:00am PST)
  • Pre-Bootcamp Prep Q&A - March 21st (8:30am - 9:30 am PST)
  • Bootcamp - March 23 - 25th (9:00am - 3:00pm PST)
  • Post-Bootcamp Q&A - April 8th (9:00am - 10:00am PST)

"I need to say a HUGE fucking Thank You to Courtney Boudet who took me through her QuickBooks Bootcamp this past week/weekend. I didn't know. I didn't know what I didn't know. And now that I know what I didn't know - I can't believe I ever thought I could sort out my hot mess financials by myself. I just did my first ever (full) Personal Money Church ann y'all - seamless. No sweating. (No swearing). No wanting to throw my computer. My books are balanced. My stress levels are down. I know exactly where my business is at financially. I know exactly what I need to do to bring more shmoney in the door. I'm not gonna lie, after making the investment, I started to think "Maybe I gave up figuring it out on my own too early." NOPE. Now I KNOW I just gave myself back so much time and so much happiness for removing the frustration. In THREE DAYS, she took me through what I had been struggling to do for two months LOL. Now I'm so excited to see those numbers get bigger and bigger till I hit that 7-fig mark!"

- Carolina

Here's what the Quickbooks Reboot Bootcamp Package Includes...

Pre-Bootcamp Training ($1,000 Value)

Pre-Bootcamp Prep

In order to arrive at the Quickbooks Reboot Bootcamp, there will be some homework and preparation done in order to be able to knock out as much as possible in the Live Event.

In the pre-bootcamp training, you’ll receive:

  • Bootcamp Assessment to mark where you are on the success path. 
  • (4) Step by Step Pre-Bootcamp training modules.
  • Worksheets and spreadsheets to do the pre-work needed in the Quickbooks Reboot Bootcamp Event.
  • 30 day Access to the  Pre-Bootcamp Training Modules.


BONUS: Live Q&A Sessions  ($500 Value)

Pre-Bootcamp and Post-Bootcamp LIVE Q&A Sessions

As you are going through the Pre-bootcamp training, questions will arise. There also may be some follow up questions after the bootcamp day. These Q&A sessions will answer your questions so you can show up ready to go at the Quickbooks Reboot Bootcamp and have a clear path after the bootcamp.

In the Q&A's you'll receive:

  • (1) Pre-Bootcamp Live Q&A zoom call with Courtney to go over Quickbooks questions that came up in the pre-bootcamp trainings.
  • (1) Post-Bootcamp Live Q&A zoom call with Courtney to go over Quickbooks questions that came up in the pre-bootcamp trainings.
  • 30 Day Access to the Q&A replay recordings.


BONUS: Next Steps Training  ($250 Value)

The DIY Bookkeeping Success Path

Once you've set up, cleaned up, and rebooted your Quickbooks file, how do you keep it up? This training goes through Courtney's Bookkeeping Success Path.

In this bonus training, you'll receive:

  • Courtney's DIY Bookkeeping Success Path Training.
  • Live Q&A Session to go over questions about the DIY Bookkeeping Success Path.
  • 30 Day access to Training and Q&A replay.



This is where through a guided process, you will knock sh*t out and get your Quickbooks File set up, cleaned up, and rebooted.

You'll do work that could take you 3 months done in 3 days!!!

In this bootcamp, you'll:

  • Have direct access to a Quickbooks ProAdvisor for 3 full days to ask questions as you are doing your work.
  • Receive step by step review of each pre-bootcamp training session.
  • Receive guided Co-working sessions for each training section.
  • Learn Quickbooks Tips and Tricks for increasing efficiency in your bookkeeping.


"I found Courtney right when I had given up hope. She helped me understand Quickbooks and my Bookkeeping tasks so that I could get into a flow that works for my business."



I'm Courtney.

I'm a Quickbooks ProAdvisor (aka Quickbooks Nerd), Profit First Professional Bookkeeper and DIY Bookkeeping Coach. With 24 years of Quickbooks experience, I am passionate about helping small business owners thrive through more strategic and efficient bookkeeping.

In addition to maintaining accounting and bookkeeping for private clients of varying sizes I teach small business owners how to do their own bookkeeping until they can hire a bookkeeper.

My experience learning under Chief Financial Officers, Controllers, Certified Public Accountants, and Enrolled Tax Agents as a business owner and outsourced bookkeeper led me to develop an easy, effective, and low-stress system for setting up and maintaining Quickbooks Online books.

"Hi Everyone! February is here amd most of us are trying to clean up our books and swear we will not be in this same financial disorganization next year. I want to throw another huge shout out to Courtney Boudet and her Quickbooks Reboot Bootcamp! Last week Courtney did a full day 8am-5pm Bootcamp to clean-up and organize by QBO. I have been using QB desktop for 15 years making it up and figuring it out as I go, and just made the move to QBO. This one day taught me so much and was the only way I was going to prioritize 9 hours to cleaning up my books."

- Lizz

Frequently Asked Questions


YES! I'm ready I'm ready..... to get my Quickbooks Online rebooted with this one-time opportunity and put this "Bootcamp Your Books" training to work in my business ...

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I understand with the special price, limited opportunity, I'll be getting access to the following trainings.

  • (4)  Pre-bootcamp Quickbooks Online Trainings. ($1000 Value)
  • BONUS: (1)  Pre-bootcamp Quickbooks Online Q&A Sessions. ($250 Value)
  • BONUS: (1)  Post-bootcamp Quickbooks Online Q&A Sessions. ($250 Value)
  • BONUS: Next Step Training. Courtney's DIY Bookkeeping Success Path. ($250 Value)
  • Live Quickbooks Reboot Bootcamp to set up, clean up, and reboot your Quickbooks Online File. ($3,500 Value)

If you are finally ready to jump in and set up, clean up, and reboot your Quickbooks Online file, this is exactly where you need to be! 


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